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Kayla Bellman (MDP 2020) Guest lectures on Climate Change and Specialty Coffee

thumbnail of students smelling cups of coffeeMarch 30, 2020

Kayla Bellman, MDP 2020 provides two guest lectures on the theme of climate change and specialty coffee in the Emory undergraduate course, “The Past, Present and Future of Specialty Coffee: An Integration of Historical, Market and Cultural Perspectives”. Learn More >>

Professor Randy Martin's Theory of Change

news-square-2020-martin-mar26.jpgMarch 26, 2020

Professor Randy Martin’s “Organization and Nonprofit” course has become a program favorite. The nonprofit consultant teaches students to look at the social sector from a systems perspective, an approach that he urges students to apply to their specific field in what he calls his “personal theory of change”. Learn More >> 

A Bittersweet Return

news-square-2020-rkreturn-mar7.jpgMarch 7, 2020

MDP student Rebekah Koch returned to her Peace Corps site during the semester break. She shared her reflections with us about going back and reconnecting with important relationships there. Learn More >> 

Peace Corps Week: Same Same, but Different: A reflection by Ian Hamilton, MDP 2020

news-square-2020-samesame-mar5.jpgMarch 5, 2020

Ian Hamilton, a Coverdell Fellow for the Master’s in Development Practice program at Emory University, travelled to Zambia to visit his former Peace Corps host family after his 2019 summer field practicum in Ghana. What was meant to be a celebratory reunion turned out to be something he didn’t anticipate whatsoever. ‘Same same, but different’ is his reflection on grief, connection and ultimately the peace that comes after losing a beloved father figure. Learn More >> 

RPCV Reflections: Peace Corps Week 2020

news-square-2020-rpcv.jpgMarch 2, 2020

Peace Corps service can be a formative and meaningful experience for the development practitioner. To celebrate Peace Corps Week, we sat down with some of the RPCVs in the MDP Class of 2021 to hear some of their reflections from their Peace Corps service. Learn More >> 

Who is the Emory Global Development Student Council?

news-square-2020-council-mar1.jpgMarch 1, 2020

Meet the Emory Global Development Student Council and learn more about what they do. Learn More >> 

Dr. Roncoli Contributes to IPCC Assessment Report 6th Edition

news-square-2020-roncolipanel-feb24.jpgFebruary 24, 2020

For the second time, MDP Director Dr. Carla Roncoli is a contributing author to the IPCC Assessment Report. In this 6th edition (AR6), Dr. Roncoli uses her expertise on climate risk management in agriculture to contribute to the chapter on Africa on the subject of adaptation of food production systems. Learn More >> 

Taking Spanish Learning to the Next Level

news-square-2020-spanish-feb17.jpgFebruary 17, 2020

MDP offers students opportunities to practice their French and Spanish language skills through student-led language tables. This year, Spanish table discussion leader Adriana Vaca, MDP 2021 has put her unique spin on the Spanish table by providing students with a chance to learn more about Spanish-speaking culture. Learn More >> 

Dr. Hilary King participates In a Panel on Global Food Systems

news-square-2020-king-feb13.jpgFebruary 13, 2020

On February 5th MDP Assistant Direct, Dr. Hilary King participated in a panel on Global Food Systems. In addition to Dr. King, the panel included two practitioners from CARE, Elly Kaganzi, Deputy Director of Agriculture & Markets, Food and Water Systems, and Andrew Patterson, Senior Technical Advisor, Knowledge Management & Learning. This well-attended panel discussed their diverse experiences applying effective strategies to strengthen global food systems. Learn More >> 

Student Spotlight: Pooja Kalapurakkel's Intern Experience with the Center for Civic Innovation

news-square-cci2-feb12.jpgFebruary 12, 2020

During her first semester in MDP, Pooja Kalapurakkel interned at the Center for Civic Innovation as the Fellowship Intern which she found to be a rewarding experience and complimentary to her course work. She shared with us about her experience, which you can find below. Learn More >> 

Course Spotlight - MDP 514R: Apply Social Network Analysis to Development Practice

news-square-fenton-jan30.jpgJanuary 30, 2020

As a part of the Applied Development series, Apply Social Network Analysis to Development Practice will be offered Spring 2020. Learn More >> 

Course Spotlight - MDP 514R: Statistical Modeling for Development

news-square-clennon-jan29.jpgJanuary 29, 2020

As a part of the Applied Development series, Statistical Modeling for Development will be offered Spring 2020. Learn More >> 

Course Spotlight - MDP-514R Refugee Resettlement

news-square-refugee-jan28.jpgJanuary 28, 2020

As a part of the Applied Development series, Refugee Resettlement will be offered Spring 2020. This five-class unit is designed to introduce students to the topic of refugee resettlement including human rights laws, national policies and procedures, and current issues and events. Learn More >> 

Student Spotlight: Abimbola Leslie (MDP 2020)

news-2020-square-abimbolaleslie-jan3.jpgJanuary 3, 2020

Abimbola Leslie shifted gears in her fourth year of medical school due to her interest in public health. Upon exploration of the public health field she felt a pull beyond the boundaries of public health, to think about alternative approaches to improving the health of the population. She found that answer in the MDP program. Learn More >>