2012 News

Carla Roncoli CCAFS Senegal

December 10-12, 2012: MDP Associate Director, Dr. Carla Roncoli was one of 110 invited participants - from more than 30 countries - in an international workshop on “Scaling Up Climate Services for Farmers in Africa and South Asia”, held on 10-12 December, 2012 in Saly, Senegal.

MDP Global Network ASC

December 3-6, 2012: Emory MDP Director, Prof. David Nugent is the North America representative to the Academic Steering Committee (ASC) of the Global MDP Network. The ASC met recently at the Earth Institute, Columbia Universityto plan for the Global MDP Network’s involvement in the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). A global initiative formed in August of 2012, under the auspices of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and under the leadership of Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the SDSN will work with governments, United Nation agencies, civil society organizations, and the private sector to define solution-oriented pathways and priorities for sustainable development.    

Anna Ellis New York TimesBangladesh

November 25, 2012: Asian University for Women in Bangladesh, which was recently featured in the New York Times, educates low-income women from 12 countries in Asia including Pakistan, Cambodia, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. MDP Student Anna Ellis, former Field Director at the university, helped develop the pre-university curriculum for the school through WorldTeach. This spring, Anna hopes to attend the graduation of her students, who will be members of the first cohort to graduate from the university. Read the full article.

CCAFS Workshop

November 15, 2012: MDP Associate Director Dr. Carla Roncoli was an invited expert in a pluri-disciplinary dialogue on "Systemic Integrated Adaptation Framework" at Oxford University, UK.

GHI Photo Contest

November 14-18, 2012: MDP Director Prof. David Nugent was an invited discussant for a panel on Direct Democracy and the Global Uprisings of 2011 at the Annual Conference of the American Anthropological Association held in San Francisco, CA. 

GHI Photo Contest

October 17, 2012: Claudie Sossah, a member of the MDP inaugural class, is one of 5 winners of the Global Health Student Photography ContestMDP students Esther Joe and Kristin Tanis received honorable mentions. As part of her summer internship with CARE Benin/Togo, Claudie traveled to southeastern Benin, an area that is affected by flooding for 3-5 months of the year. Her photograph shows children traveling on a raft made of empty jerry-cans to sell food. With this image Claudie wanted to illustrate the multiple challenges these communities face, including destruction of farms and markets; lack of access to clean and safe water; and difficulties in traveling to health facilities, schools, and other service centers.

Academic Exchange Video

September 10, 2012: In this video by the Academic Exchange, Emory Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Master's in Development Practice Program, David Nugent, explains how the MDP program trains students to synthesize training and knowledge across many fields to apply in their work as development professionals.

Emory in the World

September 8, 2012: In an article titled On the Ground, Emory in the World features Emory's new MDP program as "training the next generation of development leaders to face our toughest global challenges, from gender inequality to climate change."

Clevenger's Work with The Carter Center

August 23, 2012: In the Foundations of Development Theory course taught by MDP Director, Prof. David Nugent, for incoming MDP students during the month of August, students have been preparing for their Atlanta-based first-year internships, under the leadership of Engaged Learning Coordinator, Letitia Campbell.  As part of the process, students have visited community-based organizations, including ONE DeKalb, Project South, Refugee Family Services, Sagal Radio, and the Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture.

Clevenger's Work with The Carter Center

August 23, 2012: MDP inaugural class student Gray Clevenger served as an intern with the Carter Center in Liberia during both summers 2011 and 2012. He also returned to Liberia in November 2011 as part of the Carter Center's Election Monitoring Mission. Following graduation, Gray will continue to work as a Program Evaluation Manager with the Carter Center's Access to Justice project. Drawing on his work in Liberia - including interviews and photographs - he contributed to an article on the Carter Center website.

Esther Joe

August 1, 2012: While serving with CARE Malawi, MDP student Esther Joe works with New York Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize journalist Nicholas Kristof.

Emory MDP Students in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia

July 20, 2012: During research trips to Burkina Faso and Ethiopia, MDP Associate Director, Dr Carla Roncoli visits MDP students Stephanie Stawicki, Kalie Lasiter, Anna Tarrant, and Jimmy Ramsey who are doing internships with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI),

Field Practicums

June 27, 2012: MDP’s class of 2013 has embarked upon their first field practicums in Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Benin, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and China. They will be working with partner organizations, including FAO, UNICEF, CARE, The Carter Center, Oxfam, MAP International, Save The Children, Nature Conservancy, International Water Management Institute and Groundswell International.

AN News

June 18, 2012: MDP Associate Director Carla Roncoli is featured in Anthropology News, a publication of the American Anthropological Association as part of a series of columns entitled "Changing the Atmosphere" meant to highlight the work of anthropologists who have brought anthropology to the center of climate change research.


June 13, 2012: MDP Director Prof. David Nugent participated in a conference on "Culture and Health: What is Human Wellbeing" hosted by Centro Incontri Umaniand held in Ascona, Switzerland. The conference aims to identify emerging needs and structural innovations. Prof. Nugent presented a paper entitled "Social Health and National Wellbeing: Order, Obligation, and Danger in Peruvian Political Life".

 Latin American Studies Association

May 23, 2012: MDP Director Prof. David Nugent attended the annual meeting of the Latin American Studies Association, in San Francisco, CA (May 23-28), where he contributed to a panel on the challenges of governance in Latin America.

Academic Exchange

May 10, 2012: In an article entitled  “At the crossroads: The liberal arts, graduate education, and evolving academic infrastructures”, MDP Director Prof. David Nugent highlights the emergence of interdisciplinary graduate programs such as the Master's in Development Practice.

Emory MDP students Linling Zhong and Anna Ellis Featured in IDN News

April 24, 2012: The work of Emory MDP Students, Linling Zhong and Anna Elliswith MDP partner organization, The Carter Center is featured in IDN News.

Institute of African Studies

April 21, 2012: MDP student Gray Clevenger was first-author of a paper on Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Liberia, co-authored with Carter Center’s Tom Crick, Makiha Kimura, and Catherine Schutz and presented at a conference on “Development, Health and Humanitarian Crises in Post-Colonial Africa”.  The conference, organized by Emory’s Institute of African Studies, examined the relationships between states and NGOs, food and water insecurity, and gender violence and conflict.


April 5, 2012: Emory University’s Program in Development Studies hosted a visit by renown development economist, Professor Pranab Bardhan (University of California, Berkeley), which included a round-table with MDP students to discuss the integration of economics and anthropological methodologies in development studies. During his Emory visit, Prof Bardhan also presented lectures on “Decentralization and Development” and on “Patterns of Growth and Governance in India and China”, and signed copies of his latest book, "Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay: Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India".


March 23, 2012: MDP Faculty Prof. Peter Little was interviewed on drought impacts on African pastoralists by the Intergrated Regional Information Network –also known as IRIN News - a service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs which is widely used in the relief and development community. Prof. Little, a leading expert on pastoralism, stressed that mobility and flexibility of livelihood strategies as key to the ability of pastoral households to cope with climate shocks.  But he also clarified that  “many policymakers mistake diversification among pastoralists as a desire to exit pastoralism, whereas in reality it actually allows them to remain in pastoralism and to reap benefits both from livestock production and non-livestock activities. Prof. Little is currently directing a major research project – funded by USAID - on the interaction of market and climate factors in risk management among pastoralists in East Africa.

Interdisciplinary Workshop in Colonial & Post-Colonial Studies

March 20, 2012: Professor David Nugent discussed his essay, "Appearances to the Contrary: Fantasy, Fear and Displacement in 20th Century Peruvian State Formation" for the annual Interdisciplinary Workshop in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies.

Carla Roncoli MDP Associate Director and Speaker at the international seminar on Cross-cutting Perspective on Climate Change in West Africa

March 5, 2012: MDP Associate Director, Dr. Carla Roncoli was an invited speaker at an international seminar on Cross-cutting Perspectives on Climate Change in West Africa organized by the Climate-Environment-Society group of the Centre Nationale pour la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and held at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Jussieu campus) in Paris, France. Dr. Roncoli presented her research on integrated water resource management in Burkina Faso. View conference programme and information.


February 24, 2012: MDP Student Miranda Bodfish is selected for the Presidential Management Fellow Program's Class of 2012. More than 9,000 applicants applied for this highly competitive fellowship, and Miranda was one of 12 Emory University successful candidates. The PMF is a flagship government program aimed to develop leadership skills and strategic thinking for public service. Fellows serve for two years in a federal agency and go on to rewarding and exciting careers.


February 23, 2012: The MDP program hosted a speaking event with Dr. George Luber, an environmental anthropologist and Associate Director for Climate Change, at the National Center for Environmental Health, CDC, in collaboration with the Emory Program in Development Studies and the Department of Environmental Studies. Dr. Luber is a lead author of the upcoming IPCC Technical Assessment Report and has hosted MDP students as interns in his unit.

Speaking Event

January 26, 2012: In collaboration with Emory's Latin American and Caribbean Studies program, the MDP program co-sponsored a lecture on ‘Sustainable Tourism Development in Cocachimba, Amazonas, Peru.’  The guest lecturer is Malayna Raftapoulos, an advanced Ph.D. candidate in Latin American Studies at the University of Liverpool.


January 6, 2012: MDP Associate Director, Dr. Carla Roncoli, traveled to Burkina Faso (West Africa), where she is involved in research on participatory processes for integrated water resource management. The study is conducted in collaboration with national and regional research and policy institutions. The study is part of the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, an interdisciplinary research consortium - based at Columbia University - that studies individual and group decision making under conditions of climate uncertainty and environmental risk.

Mary Picard

January 4, 2012: MDP welcomes international consultant Mary Picard, who will teach Monitoring & Evaluation.