Kathryn Yount

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology


Degree: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1999

General Research Area: social demography, public health, research methods.

Current Research: International social demography; public health research; gender; sociology of the family; life course studies; research methods.

Selected Publications:

Yount, K.M. and H. Rashad (eds.). (2008). Family in the Middle East: Ideational Change in Egypt, Iran, and Tunisia. Oxford, UK: Routledge.

Yount, K.M. and J.S. Carrera. (September, 2006). Domestic violence among married women in Cambodia. Social Forces

Yount, K.M. and E.M. Agree. (2005). Differences in disability among older women and men in Egypt and Tunisia. Demography 42(1):169–187

Yount, K.M. (2005). Women’s family power and gender preference in Minya, Egypt. Journal of Marriage and Family. 67(2):410-28

Yount, K.M. (2004). Symbolic gender politics, religious group identity, and the decline in female genital cutting in Minia, Egypt. Social Forces, 82(3): 1063-1090

Yount, K.M. (2001). Excess mortality of girls in the Middle East in the 1970s and 1980s: Patterns, correlates, and gaps in research. Population Studies 55(3):291–308.

Selected Courses

Additional Info:

Grants Awarded Within the Last Year

Title of Project: Competing Renewal for Emory’s Center for Myth and Ritual in American Family Life (MARIAL)
Principal Investigator: Bradd Shore (Emory University)
Co Investigators: Kathryn Yount, Robyn Fivush, Marshall Duke, Carla Freeman (Emory University);
Funding Agency: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Total direct costs: ~$1.5 million
Period: 11/01/07 - 10/31/10

Title of Project: Improving recognition of and initial response to prolonged/obstructed labor and birth asphyxia in settings characterized by homebirth with unskilled attendants: A multi-site study and academic partnership development project.
Principal Investigator: Lynn Sibley (Emory University)
Co Investigators: Kathryn Yount (Emory); Allisyn Moran (ICDDR,B), Nahid Kalim (ICDDR,B), A Kaosar (BRAC), T Chowdhury (BRAC), Louise Day (LAMB), Stacey Saha (LAMB)
Funding Agency: Global Health Institute, Emory University
Total direct costs: $943,385
Period: 11/01/07 - 10/31/10

Title of project:
 Measurement of Attitudes about Domestic Violence in Rural Bangladesh
Co-Principal Investigators: Kathryn Yount (Emory University); Sidney R Schuler (Academy for Education and Development)
Funding Agency: NICHD (scored 119, in the 1.8th percentile)
Total direct costs: $275,000 (total indirect costs $18,467)
Period: 04/01/08 – 09/30/09

Title of project:
 Gender Gaps in Schooling in India
Principal Investigator: Kathryn Yount (Emory University)
Funding Agency: NICHD (scored in the 2nd percentile)
Total direct costs: $100,000 (total indirect costs $53,000)
Period: 06/01/07 – 03/31/2009