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October 7, 2016: Professor Martha A. Fineman named Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lifetime Achievement Award winner

April 23, 2015: Professor Fineman gives Keynote at CUNY Workshop "Risking Vulnerability"

Spring 2015 Visiting Scholar Presentations

February 11: Professor Xia Li: "The Contemporary Chinese Woman: Potential Issues Throughout the Lifecourse"

February 16: Mirjam Katzin: "Freedom of Choice over Equality: Changing Policy Objectives for the Swedish Care for Older People"

February 23: Professor Baoshi Wang: "Intimate Agreements: Comparative Perspectives in China, Germany, and the US"

March 4: Paula Ahumada: "An Approach to the Collective Dimension of Rights: Revisiting the Fundamental Contradiction of Rights Discourse: From Individual to Collective Interests"

March 25: Sayali Bapat:"Protecting India's Children: Multiple Hierarchies and their Effects on India's Children"

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Kirsten Sandberg, Chair of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child presents at Emory Law November 18, 2014

"The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child: Working Methods and Dilemmas"

Video of lecture

Fall 2014 Newsletter

Summer 2014 Newsletter

April, 2014: Visiting Scholar Presentations

April 15: Lakshmi Arya, "The Relation to Oneself and to Others: Thinking Cultural Difference"
April 18: Anthony Michael Kreis, "Unhinging Same-Sex Marriage from the Constitutional Canon"
April 23: Wendy Hesford, "Contingent Vulnerabilities: Child Soldiers as Human Rights Subjects"

Winter 2014 Newsletter

December, 2013: Gender in Law, Culture and Society Publications now available

Vulnerability: Reflections on a New Ethical Foundation for Law and Politics

Exploring Masculinities: Feminist Legal Theory Reflections

October, 2013: Book Launch for Teemu Ruskola's Legal Orientalism

Now Available! Feminist Perspectives on Transitional Justice: From International and Criminal to Alternative Forms of Justice

Emory Law Amicus Brief Says Same-Sex Marriage Bans Harshly Affect Children

View our Winter 2013 newsletter here

VHC affiliate Barbara Bennett Woodhouse presents amicus brief in Baby Girl

Fineman to Receive Honorary Juris Doctor From Sweden’s Lund University

Take a Scholar to Lunch has Begun!

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