2012 MDP Photo Contest

Winning Images - My Vantage Point

Tied for First Place: LINLING ZHONG (Linling served as an intern with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Lesotho.)   

My Vantage Point: First Place - Linling Zhong

Tied for First Place: ALICIA CLIFTON (Alicia worked with Oxfam UK in Sri Lanka on their Socio-economic Development for Conflict-affected Communities program)   

My Vantage Point: First Place - Linling Zhong

Second Place: NAFISA FERDOUS(Nafisa worked with the Program Development Unit at CARE Bangladesh.)

My Vantage Point: Second Place - Nafisa Ferdous

Tied for Third Place: KRISTIN TANIS  (Kristin worked as a Program Development intern with CARE India.) 

My Vantage Point: Third Place - Kristin Tanis

Tied for Third Place: MIA GALLEGOS  (Mia worked in Kenya with Save the Children.) 

My Vantage Point: Third Place - Kristin Tanis

Winning Images - Our Field Experience

First Place: ESTHER JOE  (Esther worked forCARE International Malawi on issues of food security.) 

Our Field Experience: First Place - Esther Joe

Second Place: TRINITY FINDLAY (Trinity served as an intern with The Nature Conservancy in Ecuador.)

 Our Field Experience: Second Place - Trinity Findlay

Third Place: MYRIAM DORMER  (Myriam worked with riverside communities in the eastern Amazon region of Brazil, accompanying the work of Embrapa Amapá.)

Our Field Experience: Third Place - Myriam Dormer