2014 MDP Photo Contest

Winning Images - My Vantage Point

First Place: HANNAH COX (Hannah worked with a women empowerment program at CARE India)

My Vantage Point: First Place - HANNAH COX

Second Place: JILLIAN KENNY(Jillian worked with CARE/Global Water Initiative in Uganda)

My Vantage Point: Second Place - JILLIAN KENNY

Tied for Third Place: MORGAN MERCER (Morgan worked with CARE's Pathways program in Mali and Tanzania) 

My Vantage Point: Third Place - MORGAN MERCER

Tied for Third Place: LHAMO TSO (Lhamo worked with Tibetan Village Project in Tibet)

My Vantage Point: Third Place - LHAMO TSO

Winning Images - Our Field Experience

First Place: NATHAN KENNEDY (Pictured: MDP Student Biruh Zegeye. Nathan and Biruh worked with CARE/Global Water Initiative in northern Ethiopia) 

Our Field Experience: First Place - NATHAN KENNEDY

Second Place: TAYLOR SPICER (Taylor worked with the Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security programin Kenya and Ghana), Photo by N. Ferdous (CCAFS, MDP '13) 

 Our Field Experience: Second Place - TAYLOR SPICER

Third Place: WINNETTE RICHARDS (Winnette worked with the Millennium Villages Project Bonsaaso Cluster in Ghana)

Our Field Experience: Third Place - WINETTE RICHARDS