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Library Guide for Development Studies

This resource focuses on major development websites, locating books, reports and articles, resources from governments, job opportunities, international bodies and organizations, specialized regional and country information including news sources, mapping and statistical resources, locating videos, and other useful information.

Institute for Developing Nations 

Creates collaborative research and institutional partnerships to address poverty in the developing world...

Institute of Human Rights 

Seeks to advance the cause of human rights through educational, research and community awareness programs...

Lillian Carter Center for International Nursing 

Works to improve of the health of vulnerable people worldwide through nursing education, research, practice, and policy...

Center for Global Safe Water 

Conducts applied research, evaluation, and training to promote global health equity through universal access to safe water...

Global Health Institute 

Is committed to advancing Emory University’s efforts to improve health around the world...

Office of International Affairs 

Works in partnership with deans, directors, and faculty to develop and support international initiatives and strategic planning...

International Student Scholar Programs

Promotes global education through services and support for the international community at Emory and beyond...

Emory College Language Center 

Is dedicated to fostering language competence and international education...

International SOS 

Provides advisories and information about international locations and a tracking system to reach Emory students and faculty who are traveling abroad...

Language Center

The Emory College Language Center was founded in 2000 to provide support for the teaching and learning of languages and cultures at Emory. Emory University’s language departments teach 19 curricular languages. Our Center provides faculty and students with technology facilities and staff, language lab and classrooms, faculty consultation and development, lecture events, and online learning resources.

Working with the Emory Program in Linguistics we also support the needs of students learning Less-Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) not currently taught in the curriculum, through the SILS program.

French and Italian

Spanish and Portoguese


Arabic, Hindi, and Persian

African languages

Languages not currently taught at Emory

Other language learning resources at Emory and in the Atlanta area

Is English Your Second Language?  Learn About Support Available to MDP Students

Emory College Writing Center

The writing center staff helps students to improve the draft they are working on as well as future writing. The center sees improving the individual grade not as the end in itself, but as a by-product of improving the writing process.

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