Program Costs: 2023-24

Fixed Costs  

All applicants are automatically considered for merit-based partial tuition scholarships, which most of them receive. All students also receive a summer term scholarship to cover tuition and fees for the two summers that they are enrolled in the program (in the above table, numbers relative to summer tuition and fees are faded to indicate that students are not actually charged for those costs). 

Students may find details on fees mentioned above on the LGS tuition and fees page.

Variable Costs  

To enroll at Emory University, students are required to have health insurance. They may choose the Emory University Student Health Insurance Plan (EUSHIP) or opt out of this plan by providing proof of comparable coverage. We recommend EUSHIP because it covers travel consultations, immunization costs, and medical care while completing international field practicums. Detailed information on the health insurance requirements is available on the LGS Health Insurance web page.

Students will also have living expenses, including food, lodging, transportation, personal necessities, and leisure activities, which vary depending on each student's lifestyle. For further information on, please consult our Life at Emory and in Atlanta page and the LGS Student and Faculty Resources page.

Paid internships that students engage in during the academic year and financial support that students receive from the program and/or its partners for summer practicums help address and/or reduce some of their living expenses. See information on the Financial Support page. 

Need Help?

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