2016 MDP Photo Contest

Winning Images - My Vantage Point

First Place: RUOFEI CHEN worked in Nicaragua with a Global Health Institute team focused on respiratory health.

My Vantage Point: First Place - RUOFEI CHEN

Tied for Second Place: MELANIE ALEMAN served with the Rainforest Alliance in Guatemala.

My Vantage Point: Tied for Second Place - MELANIE ALEMAN

Tied for Second Place: HELENA WORRALL worked in Bangladesh and India with CARE Pathways, a women’s empowerment and livelihood security program.

My Vantage Point: Tied for Second Place - HELENA WORRALL

Third Place: KATHERINE HIEBERT worked with Heifer International on an evaluation of a Community Agro-Veterinary Entrepreneur (CAVE) program in the Philippines.

My Vantage Point: Third Place - KATHERINE GROENEVELT

Winning Images - Our Field Experience

First Place: GABRIELA ARTASANCHEZ GARCIA served in Bangladesh with CARE Pathways, working on a participatory tool called PCMA (Pre-Crisis Market Analysis).

Our Field Experience: First Place - GABRIELA ARTASANCHEZ GARCIA

Second Place: SUMON RAY conducted research for Habitat for Humanity International on their disaster response and recovery program in the Philippines.

Our Field Experience: Second Place - SUMON RAY

Third Place: DANIELLE VEAL worked with World Vision International in Sierra Leone on an evaluation of The Grandmother Project.

Our Field Experience: Tied for Third Place - DANIELLE VEAL


Winning Image - Audience Choice

BILLY RICE worked with the Tibetan Village Project in Tibet on a cultural tourism enterprise.

Audience Choice - BILLY RICE