2017 MDP Photo Contest

Winning Images - My Vantage Point

Tied for First Place: MARIA GUZMAN worked with CARE’s Multiplying Impact team in Guatemala.

My Vantage Point: First Place - MARIA GUZMAN

Tied for First Place: BILLY RICE worked with the Carter Center’s Access to Justice program in Liberia.

My Vantage Point: Tied for First Place: - BILLY RICE

Tied for Second Place: SAMANTHA FRIEDLANDER worked with Partners-In-Health in Haiti.

My Vantage Point: Tied for Second Place - SAMANTHA FRIEDLANDER

Tied for Second Place: ANDREINA CORDOVA worked with CARE’s Multiplying Impact team in Jordan.

My Vantage Point: Tied for Second Place - ANDREINA CORDOVA

Third Place: RACHEL LASTINGER worked with World Vision International in Ethiopia.

My Vantage Point: Third Place - RACHEL LASTINGER

Winning Images - Our Field Experience

First Place: TYLER BREEN worked with CIAT (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) in Kenya.

Our Field Experience: First Place - TYLER BREEN

Second Place: KATIE GROVER worked with Habitat for Humanity in Uganda.

Our Field Experience: Second Place - SUMON RAY

Third Place: SARAH DURRY worked with an EGHI team in Madagascar.

Our Field Experience: Third Place - SARAH DURRY

Winning Image - Audience Choice

SAMANTHA FRIEDLANDER worked with Partners-In-Health in Haiti.